Jen & Tom are getting married! Grand Cayman, weekend of May 3, 2013

Jen & Tom are getting married!

Is your passport up to date? I hope so! You’ll need it!

Flights from the US – As of November 2012, jetBlue flies direct to Owen Roberts (Grand Cayman) from JFK and BOS. Most other carries fly daily.

Flights from the UK – American flies direct. Virgin and Cayman Airways fly through Miami.

Flights from Korea – Seoul to Tokyo to LA to Miami to Grand Cayman. Yikes. Call Tom.

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Transportation on the island -

Taxis are available at Owen Roberts Intl Airport on Grand Cayman. The taxi stand and dispatcher is located just outside the airport, immediately after you pass through customs. Tipping taxi drivers is appreciated but unnecessary. The ride from the airport to any of the hotels we recommend is ~10 minutes.

Elsewhere, cabs are available by phone or they can be hailed, NYC-style, along West Bay Road (the main drag where the majority of hotels are located).

Car Rentals
Car rentals are available at the airport and through Andy. Keep in mind, like the currency, the driving culture is a bit flawed. Caymanians drive on the left side of the road.

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