Jen & Tom are getting married! Grand Cayman, weekend of May 3, 2013

Jen & Tom are getting married!

We personally scouted* each one of these hotels and can’t recommend them highly enough.

The Caribbean Club - The bride and groom (that’s us!) will be staying here during the wedding festivities. The property is comprised of a limited number of expansive 3 bedroom suites. As well, Luca, the venue for our wedding reception, is located onsite. To book a room at our reduced rates, click here.

The Westin Casaurina - Just a 10 minute walk north on the beach from the Caribbean Club. A true resort and more affordable than the Caribbean Club, The Westin is newly renovated as of January 2013. To book a room from our wedding block, click here.

Sunshine Suites - The best value on the island. Located directly across the street from the Westin (unfortunately, no direct beach access). To book a room at our reduced rates, click here.

Caribbean Club (yup, that’s Jen!) -

The Westin -

Sunshine Suites -

Map -


*Tom, in the right hand drive scout-mobile!

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